What Is World Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5 June. It is the ‘United Nations’ prime vehicle for encouraging awareness and action to protect our environment. World Environment Day has become a global platform for public outreach, with more than 143 countries participating annually. First organized in 1974, it has been a major campaign for … Continue reading What Is World Environment Day

Almond Milk For Pregnant Women Weight Management

For pregnant women who are trying to lose weight or prevent excess weight while pregnant, almond milk is perfect. Almond milk contains vitamin D and riboflavin which are useful for maintaining eye health, skin, and making the baby’s growth in the womb remain optimal. almond, almond milk, baby, eye health, growth, pregnant, pregnant women, riboflavin, … Continue reading Almond Milk For Pregnant Women Weight Management

Warm Up Every Time You Exercise, Cool Down Afterward

You should warm up every time you exercise and cool down afterward Don't skip these important steps. A warm-up of light aerobics to slightly raise your breathing and heart rate can prepare your muscles and help you avoid an injury. A brisk walk or a steady bike ride for 5 to10 minutes -- or until … Continue reading Warm Up Every Time You Exercise, Cool Down Afterward

Balanced Exercise Plan

What is balanced exercise plan? Walking, weight lifting, and yoga This plan has three different types of exercise: aerobic activity or cardio (walking), strength or resistance training (weights), and flexibility training (yoga). And all of them are important. Walking and other cardio workouts like jogging, cycling, swimming, and tennis boost the power of your heart … Continue reading Balanced Exercise Plan

Stay Healthy

Stay Healthy

Wash your hands to stay healthy. Everything you touch has different kinds of germs. Wash your hands with soap because soap kills many of the germs that can make you sick. Do this several times a day. When you eat candy, cake, or ice cream, it's important to brush your teeth afterwards. The sugar in … Continue reading Stay Healthy

Let’s Keep in Shape

Let's Keep In Shape

Everyone should exercise for 30 minutes or more every day. There are many fun ways to keep in shape. Go For A WalkTaking a walk with family or friends is fun.Take a bottle of water with you and remember to wear comfortable shoes.Walking quickly is good for your heart. Play A SportPlay a sport like … Continue reading Let’s Keep in Shape

Eat Wisely

It's very important to eat a good breakfast every day. Eating breakfast in the morning gives you energy to start the day. Choose snacks that are good for your health, such as fruit, granola or muesli. Eating food with too much sugar or too much fat is bad for you. Eat in moderation, not too … Continue reading Eat Wisely